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Friday, May 04, 2012

Praying for my dream

OK, the is such a strange dream.  But I am going to keep asking for prayers for it for the next several months.

I've mentioned many times that music tends to totally overwhelm me and I rarely like it.  But every so often I find someone that I love and can listen to.  But usually that is only a song or a CD.

My noise issues have cost me a lot.  I've been to one concert, a small one in 1997 before it was so bad.  But ve been to one professional sporting event.  I don't go to fairs, amusement parks, etc.  I just can't.

In the last weeks I discovered that I have headphones that have let me listen to some music.  Somehow I absolutely fell in love with Selah.  I remember when they were pretty much completely new and I liked them, back on on the Christian station in in Kalamazoo, Michigan (station out of South Bend IL).  But now I have discovered I can listen to everything I can find that they've done and I love it.  I don't know why their music hits so hard but it does.

They are are having a FREE concert in the city where I do everything in September.  I have contacted the church about tickets.  I am going to try everything I can to be there.  I really WANT to.  And wanting to do something is so much better than this last year.

Last Sept. 19 I was packing for the psych unit and waiting for my weighted blanket to arrive so I'd sleep.  The 22nd I was admitted.  This year I want to to be happy that night.

I'm going to be asking for prayer a lot on this because it is something that is not painful that I can look forward to.

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