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Friday, May 11, 2012

Music twice in one year on THIS blog

I mentioned falling in love with a music group called Selah in recent weeks.  I listen a lot and I'm finding that I can learn something from most of their songs, which I listen to repeatedly thinking "THIS IS IT" and then I move to another.  I am learning many spiritual lessons this way.  One line that I love (paraphrased) is that there is nothing that is shattered that God can't/won't redeem.

But this is a very different song.  It is only one Selah member, Todd Smith, and it is his song in this big collaborative thing called The Story Project.  As I understand this it is a a lot of different artists singing songs that portray various Bible stories.  He is portraying Job's story and because he is someone is knows pain and loss far too well (he had a daughter born a few years ago with multiple medical issues that caused improper development.  They were told to expect her to gasp for air for about a minute and die.  Instead she lived 2 hours and was a beatiful little girl.  I think of her story when making the hats that go to babies in the same situation.  Mere weeks after his baby died his sister checked on her 3 month old son and found he had also died, from SIDS.)  When this song is performed you can tell how powerful the emotion is for him; his wife posted on her blog that this was the thing that really made him break down after grieving sporadically for several years.  You can hear he has been broken, in a way I don't this could be put on.  I've found a recording of it live but it leaves the beginning.  This version does have the power of including the words.  Please note the words that help me so much with the shame I feel about wanting to give up the gift of life:
Who else will see my suffering as one more opportunity
To educate; to help me see all my flawed theology
If one more well intentioned friend tries to tie up my loose ends
Hoping to, with rug and broom, sweep awkward moments from the room
But I, I can’t forget, I have begged just like a madman
For my chance to die and never have to face the morning

.  There is an INCREDIBLY powerful ending to this song.that you'll have to listen to hear.  I think when you listen you will understand some of the ways it appeals to me so strongly.  I really want to break out of the words that hurt so much and move on to that ending.

Pretty sure if you click on it will be be bigger.

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Michal Ann said...

I'm thrilled that you're blessed by Selah! As I've mentioned previously, I think there are some things that are of great benefit when they get stuck as an "ear worm." I heard that phrase recently in the title of an article which was supposed to teach you how to end the torment of the endless loop of a song that won't stop playing in your head! I wish I'd read it because I had some Adele lyrics going night and day recently! GRRRR!

I digress...I LOVE Selah as well and I enjoy YouTube tremendously. I highly recommend this passionate live performance:

K-LOVE - Selah "Unredeemed" LIVE


Have a wonderful weekend. The picnic with the family sounds refreshing.

Oh, and good work with the detective job on the stench! Now, off to the solution.

Thanks for sharing good news via Selah. They'll bless even more people through your witness.

Love, Michal

Just Me said...

Unredeemed is one of my play 10 times/day songs. I'm eventually going to not be too tired to write about some things I'm learning right now.

Michal Ann said...

Very cool. Looking forward to that. M- ><>

Have you listened to this live performance?

Just me Jen said...

That wasn't funny. My blog doesn't want me to comment.

But yes, I've seen every live performance I can. I am fascinated by watching the intensity of Todd Smith, but also how much the other 2 pick up on that and suddenly it goes from 1 person's natural motions and expressions to everyone's.

Michal Ann said...

Yes, they're a very expressive group and you're very attuned. Love it! I'm so glad to hear of your healing through song.

Bless you in your hat knitting ministry. I assume you have plenty of yarn? I read of another mommy who cherishes her baby's little hat. I found the site of Debbie who draws beautiful pencil drawings from baby photos, particularly for bereaved parents.

"I create pencil portraits from your photographs. All of my work is hand drawn and custom designed with warmth and charm.

Debbie Lawson touches up photos and draws beautiful pictures of stillborn babies."


Another amazing ministry like yours!

(((Hugs))) Michal

p.s. Your Animoto of Anne showed up on my FB wall with my comment to you. Should I remove it? Email me please. I'm obviously not good at FB.