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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yesterday (words menstrual and blood used)

I forgot to write about seeing Dr. Sweetheart.  She remains that.   She was very honest.  Statistically it is extremely rare to have a psychiatric reaction to Mirena.  However I tend to be an anomaly with medications and the Mirena is not tested for bipolar disorder.  She also feels with the severity of the symptoms we need to be cautious.  She told me that usually she has a hunch and this time she didn't.  After much thought I decided to remove it and we did that yesterday.  What a bizarre feeling.  As the thing comes out it flattens and is not a big deal but it is so weird to feel the top of your cervix followed by the bottom of your cervix.  I've personally never felt my cervix as an internal organ participating in my life before.  Otherwise a few cramps and not a big deal at all.

From here one of these things will happen before I go back in 6 months:

  • My mood will improve and be obviously related to the loss of the Mirena.  I will have some level of moderate bleeding that is manageable.
  • My mood will improve and be obviously related to the loss of the Mirena.  I will resume the heavy bleeding.  We will discuss either a hysterectomy or endometrial ablation, more than likely hysterectomy for a few reasons.
  • My mood won't change and my bleeding won't change.  We'll hope to make it through menopause.
  • My mood won't change and the bleeding will increased.  A new Mirena would probably be placed
She thinks there is at least hope that the bleeding will be ok because I did have the D&C last year.  But I've had 6 months of funky, not typical for the Mirena periods so hard to know.  In ways I kind of hope that it is the hysterectomy path.  If this is early menopause I'm facing a lot longer with heavy bleeding and since menopause can be a rough time with bipolar (like as in I may be hard to stabilize until that is over) and if we can remove the bleeding factor I suspect it will be easier.  On the other hand surgery is scary after the last time.  I also don't know for sure but it sounds like this would be more than laparascopic.  But I'm not sure. So we'll see.  6 months of who knows what?   This sounds surprisingly like the last 2 years of menstrual "cycles".

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Michal Ann said...

Well, you're just tellin' it like it is...and here's praying that your body will heal soon. "Dr. Sweetheart" is such an encouraging moniker! When I was praying for you this morning, concern about anemia registered. How is your nutrition? Fresh air?

More Selah!! They've "earned the right to be heard" as we used to say about developing credible relationships with kids in Young Life ministry days.

I know it can be difficult to feel "beloved" when problems abound but...here's a short devotional from "God Calling."

Your friend, Michal


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