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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who cares?

Here's an article that is about the sadness when you raise a sex offender and how difficult it is to live as a convicted and released sex offender.

I read it and I thought "I don't care."  I am sorry that those mothers have been through the pain they must feel.  A family member I was close to (not one who molested me) was convicted for molesting children and he lost everything. He left town and never came back except to sneak in to say goodbye to my grandmother when she was dying and I think once more to move my father far away from us.  I don't remember talking to him after the age of 9 and he was a huge part of my life.  I lost my closest and favorite playmate, his daughter, in this.

But there is nothing in place that sets apart sexual offenders that I feel sorry about.  Both men who molested me molested numerous other children.  My father was a TEACHER, molesting students.  

I understand that these offenders may be totally over their issues and that in those cases the monitoring and restrictions must feel terrible.  But most sex offenders will do it again.

For the mothers, I think  that it is important to be realistic:  You love your son.  You have many feelings about what happened.  You want to believe he's cured.  There's embarrassment and  fear and many other emotions, I'm sure.  Statistically, it is likely to happen again.  And the victims?  What they live with is many times worse than  the mother of the offender feels.

I guess the mothers are kind of victims too.   But I really don't need CNN shoving that at me.

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Michal Ann said...

I read the article. We live in a crazy world. 750,000 offenders...and many more unknown and/or not prosecuted...and internet porn addictions skyrocketing among GRADE SCHOOLERS according to recent news reports, etc., etc.

Satan sure has good ideas about how to wreck people.

Heavy sigh.