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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Real world

As is obvious, I spend a lot of time online.  While I am so limited in what I can do it keeps me busy.  I also am naturally curious and like to search, both for new information and for connections between things (ie, reading about A leads to reading about B, etc).  Today that wound up feeling like a punch to the gut.

And the worst of it is that I'm not going to tell you about it.  I don't want people I know to have been everything I thought they were to get more attention from that.  To keep it simple, let's just say I met Michal on a certain website that was related to an internet scam that we both were hurt by.  This website was allegedly finding all kinds of crazy proof from EVERYWHERE on the internet showing just how badly scammed we'd all been.  It was fascinating and I'll admit to just trusting that the writer was honest.  Then something happened (absolutely craziness in fact) and boom, the blog closed.  It seemed rational then.

Today I found out the person who was so dedicated to this project is a scammer herself.  In fact, certain parts of her personal history sound a great deal like things she said about the scammer she "investigated".  Scammer #1 was guilty.  She admitted this.  Scammer #2 may have made a lot of people believe things about scammer #1 that weren't true or fair.

Sometimes I want to run from all blogs.  Then I realize I'm a blogger.  I'm getting really close to refusing to read any blog with ads or any blog about someone with medical needs who is asking for money.  Yet that isn't fair either.  When I lost my income Julia offered to put up a button for me.  I declined but because I even thought of it I can't really avoid those blogs.  I'm just tired of the whole thing.  In recent weeks I've been plagarized, been linked by a porn site, found a blog using mine for clicks leading a whole page of advertising by allegedly saying this is a "top blog", had someone nastily go after people on SSDI, had someone leave several very nasty comments, and had another incident that I want to keep quiet.  I won't quit, because the blog helps so much, but I'm really starting to want more control over who is here.

the internet is creepy.

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Michal Ann said...

Yeah, I'm reeling trying to sort out the latest. I'm like you as far as curiosity and searching and reading. Now...yeah, the internet CAN BE creepy!

Yike, do you think there's any connection with your panic attack?

I was having the best day in quite awhile, staying on track, actually studying...and now I'm back on-line, reading and reading to try to figure out this situation.

Yikes, just yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
I am trying to catch up with you tonight because I've been offline for a bit. School is done and I seem to have many things not computer related to accomplish.

I recently made my blog private - mostly because I talk about work situations that I don't want available to the entire world.

I can understand why that may not be the answer for you though... it's important to share your story because of the possibility it may help someone, right?

I do agree - the internet is creepy and really nothing to fool around with. Facebook even concerns me at times!