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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today was LONG.  I went up to see Dr. Brain.  No real changes, she said I can see if I can tolerate an additional dose of antihistamine during the day if I need it to help cope with Dr. Mind's anxiety-inducing treatment.  He hadn't gotten in touch with her, probably because I wasn't in Thursday to remind him.  But the options are limited anyway.  I may take a tiny bit of Seroquel but I don't like that idea.  The stuff doesn't make me sleepy anymore but during the day could be a different thing entirely.  We'll see.

She confirmed that Seroquel is not working so well and that aside from an emergency this is wait and see time.

We talked about the Mirena and that I think it should come out but only if there aren't going to be consequences of extremely heavy bleeding.  Unless my gynecologist has some new idea there are limited options for dealing with extreme bleeding, the most likely probably being hysterectomy, which I am fine with (who wouldn't be after the last few years I've dealt with this).  However, that is surgery and we want to avoid surgery.  Once the Mirena is out it would require sedation/anesthesia to get it back because of my issues and until I'm insured that would not be an option.  So I don't know but at least we're on the same page and she and Dr. Sweetheart  can figure it out from there.

I then drove down to my mom's and played so hard with my niece.  I am totally exhausted but it was worth it.  I just don't expect to be doing much tomorrow.

have a good night
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