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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I don't remember the title

Well, I wanted to say something. I pulled up the page. And it is now very much gone. Which is typical these days. I now sent my dr. an email without including the question. I'm a genius.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble with comments posting?

Anonymous said...

Hey! It went through! Magic. I guess the problem healed itself. I'm back from a grueling test at school...I'm sure I passed but not at all confident about muscle actions, insertions, etc. Back to the drawing board, quite literally. I think I'll trace the muscles from the coloring book and/or texts. We have two more tests this week for a total of 4 and the remainder are hands-on, palpation as well as critique of a full massage on a fellow student. One more written test next week and an onslaught of new muscles to memorize. I hope you're able to get a well-deserved massage! It would be so nice for you to experience some healing touch instead of all the unpleasantness.

I appreciate your support. Now don't be "dissing" my friend Jen! Have patience with the poor girl. She's been through a lot. I was just told today that the "acute" phase for something like a sprain is 72 hours. For a psychiatric issue, "acute" is 6 months. Does that make sense to you?

(((Hugs))) Michal