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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Making a List

I'm going to go be Aunt Jen for a while today so I got up early.  (Well, that and I always get up early, but often on weekends I can get a little more sleep after being up an hour or so, and the last 2 days since increasing my seroquel I have gone back to sleep both mornings.  But my body is adjusting (and it is helping at least some), so I'm gradually recovering.  I hope.

Anyway, I've been starting to buy lots of long-sleeve t-shirts to wear under scrubs during the winter and had a bunch of new ones to wash, along with some baby things.  As I did so I was making mental to-do list.  Part of that list was trying to figure out if any of my family has a pet crate I can borrow on my vacation.  Which made me start mentally planning things I need to buy for that.  As I was sorting those new t-shirts I realized that this is the first of what I imagine will be many times that the contrast between this year and last year at this time will be huge.

I fell in long with this style of t-shirt last year when I had to buy a lot of casual clothes for the psych ward.  When I knew I was going there I had a lot of things I knew I needed (I usually don't have a ton of  casual stuff because I don't need it), so I hit sales every week to build up my supply and check things off the list.

And the difference between these 2 lists, ironically planned for one year apart although I went to the hospital prior to the planned date, is so huge.  I like this one better.

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