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Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Michal

(Who has one of my favorite names, still :).

1. I speak Swedish.
I speak Appalachian??    I have nothing to compare to that one.  I took German in high school, but it was from a Danish woman so I spoke horrible, limited German at graduation with a Danish accent.  Not good.  I was SO GLAD to not have to take a language in college, first because science majors didn't have to, and when I added my 2nd degree (pysch) I had enough years in high school to opt out.  I had the German teacher for another class and loved him and would have been horrified to speak my hideous German in his prescence.  Language is not my gift (see I'm Appalachian, sometimes we barely speak English).

2. I was a National Ski Patroller back in the day.

I have such coordinated readers.  What are you doing on this page?:)
3. My grandkids are fifth generation Seattle (area) residents which isn't common anymore!

Wow.  Growing up I was 4th generation in my town, which wasn't unusual but wasn't common either although I was more unusual in being 4th generation on both sides.  I have no idea how my great-grandmother wound up in that town after immigrating from England and I know only that my great-grandfather played professional baseball before become small town postmaster.  I never knew either of them and didn't want to from what I've heard.  I did know and love another great-grandma and she was pure Appalachian.  I have a pt. now who reminds me greatly of her.  I hadn't realized that, but she does.

But now I've moved so many times I don't belong anywhere.  And in this town I will NEVER belong.  After 7 years I'm still an outsider, a newcomer, etc.

What is your favorite color?
Green.  Sometimes blue.  Like all routines that I adhere tightly to I have a thing about owning blue cars.  This goes so deep that once Dr. Mind had me draw something representing how my manic mind felt.  I drew a racetrack with a car and he identified it as a car mainly because it was blue.  I don't know why I like that kind of routine but I do.  The first car I drove a lot (my mom's) was blue.  My first car was red, but I didn't pick it.  My 2nd and 3rd were blue and my new car will be blue as well.  But I have to watch it or I wear far too much green.  I've been working on branching out in clothing from blue, green, cream and that's about it to include pastels, purples, etc.  This is all probably part of why Dr. Mind thinks I have mild OCD, huh?

 How is it looking for your upcoming vacation? 
Vacation is on.  They seem to understand how badly I need it. I had so much overtime I added a day away, so it's me, my kitties, my sewing machine, trees,and the wildlife at the feeder on my 5 acres allotted to my cabin from Sunday until Thursday morning.  I am so excited.  

Do you ever watch t.v? 
I own a tv, but 2 or 3 years ago realized that with the virtual end of sitcoms and the 10th year of ER (I didn't miss a single episode for 10 years, but after Noah Wyle left never made it through another), that there was nothing that interested  me but re-runs of a few sitcoms.  So I unplugged the cable and decided if 6 months passed and I hadn't plugged it in then I was done with cable.  I paid so little attention that 8 months passed before I even remembered.  So I don't have TV.  I was DVDs, mostly Friends or Everybody Loves Raymond, over and over, because very few shows hold my attention and mostly those are on while I"m doing something repetitive like cleaning the kitchen and need distraction.  Movies almost never do because I can't focus that long, esp. not while sitting still.  I am forced to watch a lot of tv while working.  I've seen more Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge whoever to qualify me to replace them upon retirement.  I've also been forced into watching episodes of the really whacky talk shows, like Jerry Springer, that are horrifying.  But truly it's amazing how little I miss TV.
Favorite books?
I have stopped reading much in the last year.  I wasn't able  to for so long and it never came back.  I think partly though this is because I listen to books on CD in the car for at least 4 hours per day, average.  I enjoy a wide variety.  I like mysteries, although less so in the last year.  Right now I'm listening to John Grisham, who I always like, especially his non-legal books.  I really like Jodi Picoult because I always wind up thinking after her books.  Her latest I want to write a post on; it is the best explanation of sensory processing dysfunction and what the world feels like to someone like me that I've encountered, ever, including professional training.  James Patterson is generally good;I've been a reader of his stuff from before he was remotely popular.  I heard one Anne Lamott and want to hear/read more.  I've listened to several Anne Rivers Siddons lately and those are good.  I love Pat Conroy.  I also love the Stephanie Plum  books by Janet Evanovich.  There is sexual content that may not be for everyone but there is also humor that when I first heard one of  her books (#6, it was the first I could find) I laughed so hard I had to pull over to regain control because I was crying.  I will always be grateful to the nurse who suggested her; those books get me through depression frequently.
Sorry I didn't get yours done this morning.  I was doing 3 things at once and suddenly it was time to leave.


Anonymous said...

In the Stephanie Plum book - did the funny part have something to do with the Grandma talking? Because I remember reading too and laughing SO hard - GREAT humor!

Your readers' profiles are so interesting! I think that's a compliment to you too.

Your vacation sounds heavenly. Peaceful. Quiet and restful. Good for you!


Michal Ann said...

Fun answers! Good exercise. Let's make sure we get the correct titles of the humorous books. I love the sound of hearty laughter. I'm very deprived but the other day I did something on a phone call and the other lady laughed herself to tears. It was really infectious and energizing. I NEED MORE! Mind you, I did blow my grandfather's WWI trench bugle for her. She kept imagining my cheeks blowing the thing and she'd crack herself up again.

Our family is having a joint military memorial service for my father, his brother and dad and the three spouses. The bugler is willing to try playing the antique bugle when Taps is played. We just found out that my grandfather earned a Purple Heart which hasn't been recognized until now.

Can you give me a hint about how you pronounce "Appalachia?" I think it's something like "Apple Asia" but I've heard singer Rich Mullins say "Appa LAT cha" What say you?