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Saturday, September 25, 2010

What not to do to assess your progress in recovering from an epidose

So if you have torn 2 ligaments in your ankle beyond repair (except the surgical variety) and know that if you hurt it again you have to have major, many weeks of disability, surgery that you also know you'll be having in a couple years anyway, and the best way to keep your ankle safe is to wear a bulky brace every time you walk on uneven ground, it's really not smart to a)  go outside without the brace, turning your ankle.  Not badly, but every time that happens a little more damage can occur to the already useless ligaments.  And tearing a 3rd ligament means REALLY major surgery.  b)  Drop a crockpot, catch it but not the lid, and have the lid come down hard on the inside of your ankle, causing a 4 inch long bruise that includes the area where the brace is tighest and where the edge of the hard plastic rubs.

Now I get to pad the stupid thing Monday.  I have pain patches that probably would do it but I hate to waste a pain patch (none addictive med) if I don't need to.

Oh, and while you drop the crock pot also knock over another container full of soup all over the floor in front of the fridge.

Then, later, decide things aren't bad enough and go back to the kitchen for fresh cider, your favorite fall treat.  Bump your cup and watch cider fly all over the other half of the kitchen.

Know your episode is lifting when you don't cry for 3 hours.  Or even 3 minutes.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Wow - your kitchen sounds like mine on a normal day!! Hope the ankle heals well (or is that heels well??)

Michal Ann said...

Wow! Your mood sounds so stable to endure all that frustration, pain and mess! Any idea what set off that chain of kitchen disasters? Isn't it amazing how far liquid can splash??

Icky, sticky...I'm beaming you some encouragement!

p.s. Answer my "Michal" questions when you have a few minutes there in "Apple At cha??"