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Saturday, September 18, 2010

So much for that post

I've been working on a post about how Dr. Mind gave me a really nice gift this week with some words.  I'll post it later.  Right now I've crashed from "doing better" back to crying.  Why?  Well, I've been up since 3.  My cat.  Again.  I'm going to nap soon, but am doing something else first.

Anyway, I ordered some bras because I was getting heat rash from underwires.  I had to search pretty hard to find non-underwire bras that are still very supportive, but I did.  One of them, the expensive one, was too big and so I returned it.  I wanted to insure and certify, but they can't do that and the postmaster implied certification was plenty.  So when it came back to me I was a little concerned.  I never even began to guess how bad it really was though.  The envelope was ripped open from the bottom during shipping and the Dallas post-office sent it back with the word "empty" on it.  So I'm out $70 because I listened to the postmaster and some pervert probably has my bra since it looks as if the envelope may have been opened purposefully.  The seams weren't stressed when I sent it and they have been very neatly opened everywhere except where I taped the top before I sent it.

I will now be using UPS or FedEx for all shipping......


Michal Ann said...

Worry about $70 but don't worry about perverts...If it's not just a postal machine mistake, it's someone happy to steal from a package that might contain something of value.

I'm sorry about your loss.......but don't take it to another level, o.k.??

And BTW, I prefer the same bra style you were looking for. Any hot tips??

Just Me said...

Here's the ones I got:

The one I lost (and really would have liked I think)

And one other I can't find.

The freshpair.com site is good, and I think I usually can find free shipping or a coupon for there at retailmenot.com