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Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Anneheuser

1. I became a dancer at 40, much to my surprise.

I always wanted to dance.  I won't be doing that now with the stupid ankle injury though.  I did get a ballet thing for my Wii. Now I just need to have time and energy to use the wii.2. I love to sing in choirs.
You can't meet a worse singer.  Seriously.  Even I hate hearing me sing.

3. I just pulled off my bookshelves a selection of books covering the world's major and some of the minor religions for a friend.

I have so little non-fiction.  I used to, but somehow as life as gone on and I've been too ill to comprehend it I've moved far away from it.  I really don't read even fiction much now. I listen to so many books on CD while working and commuting I think it's kind of my book quota.  I have started throwing in classics that I never read because we didn't have  "real" literature in high school where we read and learned about books (school couldn't afford  books, nor could families) and I had one literature class in college that made no sense since I had no foundation in literature from high school as they assumed and there isn't a remedial literature class.
No questions right now but I danced tonight and am tired.
Exercise......I miss it.  I know sometime soon, but I miss it....

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Annehueser said...

I'm not a ballet dancer or, as my husband the ballet dancer says, a "trained dancer" but I took up Scottish Country dancing several years ago and became good enough that I now co-lead our local group. Also, the books I pulled out for my friend were not only varied in subject but small in size as they're for her upcoming trip so they need to fit into her bag. I listen recorded books too and find Charles Dickens especially fun to listen to.