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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This is making me CRAZY

Two nights ago I got to sleep around 9:30. Therefore I woke at 2:30 and got 50 very broken more minutes of sleep.  Now apparently I'm acclimated to 700 mgs of Seroquel and I'm wide awake at 9:30, despite having left home at 7, worked my butt off until 6:15 after starting at my first pt. on the way down to work, and I came to the motel and did the whole days' paperwork completiong.  I've had my meds, including my max of Seroquel.  And I'm wide awake and anxious.  Not good.

I know that my body has incredible powers when it comes to soaking up sedatives.  But really????????????  This is insane.  I am so extremely tired and yet I'm just not sleepy.

Today I also had to accept that my medical expenses for the year are not over. 2 months ago a bonded area on one of my front teeth snapped off.  My dentist said it was from grinding my teeth and that the whole tooth was broken all over and it should have been crowned originally and that it would probably crumble and get sharp edges and I'd need a crown.  I woke up to a shredded lip this morning, so I'm working on scheduling the stupid crown.  That will be 3 in 3 years and they are expensive.  I am going to be very close to $3000 from ready to buy a car (I hope) this weekend and this is not going to help.  I don't really know where this money is coming from.  Oh well, it will appear somehow, even if it is my overtime pay rather than sending all of that to Discover.

I got the neatest deal online.  My sister wanted to cloth diaper.  My mother and I gave them 6, I gave her 3 more, and she bought a few.  Nobody else got them for her.  So that means she is having to mix in disposables and I could see how sad that made them.  The diapers she wanted changed styles and I found them on sale, buy 6 get 2 free.  Christmas! I thought. Well, I then got an email that they are out of the old ones but are going to give me 8 of the new ones for the sale cost, saving me $36.  I'm so happy.  I love saving money.

And I think I might fall asleep if I roll over and read something.  Time to try anyway.  I hate to drag out more meds but I may have to.  I guess the good this is with my paperwork done I can sleep late if I can.

Something with substance soon, I promise. I have Dr. Mind tomorrow and Dr. Brain Saturday so between them something is sure to come up.

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the wid0w said...

i gave up on normal sleep patterns years back, luckily my life style allows for this... damn it was hell though having to conform to traditional hours when my mind just refused to switch off