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Friday, December 30, 2011


 took the time to check out my labs from the hospital today.  Good thing I did.  I had 2 fasting blood sugars taken.  Both were high.  Like I may have developed diabetes thanks to weight gain high.  My family history is not good with diabetes.  At least 3/4 of my grandmother's children who lived to adulthood died from it (my father is the only one still alive and we don't know where or how he is).  My cousins who are older are developing it.  And my mom's mother had it severely and died from complications of it last summer.  My fasting sugars have always been good.  Typically I have an A1C (test of sugar metabolism going back 3 months) done annually but this year I had a free insulin instead which apparently more accurate and it was normal.  However that was 9 months and a lot of weight ago.  So I have emailed Dr. Body and expect to have more blood taken when I have my next lithium level.  I don't know how to handle this.  Those who were around about 3 years ago may remember me working very hard on a diet for those at high risk for type II diabetes and losing about 60 lbs.  Those stayed gone until this year when 25 or so crapt back on as I've eaten a very high carb/not balanced diet.

My vitamin D has also dipped below normal, despite being on supplementation.  I'd accidentally started taking more than I used to anyway (forgot it was in my multivitamin) so hopefully that will go back up with that, but it can explain some of the feeling crappy part of the last few months as it can make you feel tired.  In fact I remember being amazed when it was first found and treatment started and I suddenly felt so much better with my levels normal.  At that time the levels were done differently (I think they actually changed the lowest number they want to see) and my level was very, very low.  This surprised nobody since I hadn't been able to be outside in the sun for much of the year in many years because of the medications.  Supplementation got it back up and it had stayed, to my knowledge, at normal.

Can I say that this is very  not fair?  If it is diabetes and all signs point to the weight gain as the reasonable cause of onset then presumably getting the weight off will help.  Hard to know how much between the family history and Seroquel increasing my risk level.  

I am really missing anxiety meds today.  The antihistamine only goes so far.  This is past it.

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Jean Grey said...

My current doctor has me on metformin for the weight gain and metabolic effects from Zyprexa. There is a lot of good research on this- I am starting to think it is almost malpractice to put people on the atypical antipsychotics without metformin, especially if they gain any weight. But unfortunately not everyone can tolerate the GI effects. Also, metformin can lower B12 levels, so that has to be watched.