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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another day down

This probably will be disconnected. My mind is running on several tracks at fast speeds tonight. My choice activity today didn't help much with slowing things. I've been doing a lot of canning; it has worked well until today but today was stressful and I'm all wound up again. I've so far canned 15 pints of green beans (about 12 lbs) and 27 pints of spaghetti sauce (30 lbs of tomatoes). I honestly think so much cutting has helped me handle the desire to hurt myself.

I have a few random questions. They have no relationship to anything, but again, my mind is working overtime.

-As a healthcare worker I can easily confirm the superstition about full moons being absolutely crazy. There are days I can tell the moon is full just by what is occurring around me. What I've never noticed is myself being more symptomatic at the full moon. I've also never paid a lot of attention to it. Has anyone noticed an effect on how you feel?

-I have never given out what state I live in. Some of you may know from sitemeter, but I now come up as United States after changing providers. I told one person, once. So how on earth do I get so many people from this state? It is probably the most popular, regardless of referral source (usually google or the like), or very close to it. Do we have a high proportion of bipolar here for some freak reason?

May be back later. Hope not. I am going to contact my doctor again, but tomorrow night I'm increasing the med unless told not to. I have to get more sleep and I wouldn't mind being about to be still for just a while.

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Sarah said...

The full moon thing? I ABSOLUTELY agree.

*goes back to work on her homework*

I just wanted to say that.