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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thus far

One Seroquel down. Thus far I have:
  • Learned I need a higher dose. I slept more soundly than I have been, but still woke at least once and had a very hard time drifting off. I tried a really low dose to start though so this is not a surprise.
  • Learned I am not deathly allergic. Always nice to know.
  • Awakened to a query from work: where's the eval you did yesterday? Unfortunately the answer was "in my head, I forgot to write it down", so I had to go up and write it out.
  • I had to get my mom to drive me because I'm so groggy. Hate that.
  • Work made me feel like screaming "I'm on leave, ask someone else". Not at the thing I didn't do or anything to do with my company, but because I was jumped on with questions as soon as I walked in the door.
  • Seroquel may possibily have some GI effects for me. Ick.
  • Decided playing with my blog's appearance is fun and I may use this as the thing to do throughout the next few weeks. I never knew how easy the template thing was.
  • Probably best of all, I am finally less agitated. So far the crying has not commenced either.


Jon said...

I love the look of your blog.

Txandi once left me a comment after a blog style change, she said:

Blog tweaks - as addictive as crystal meth.

BamaGal said...

I take seroquel too---try taking it with food to cut down on the GI distress---also it will be absorbed more readily

Just Me said...

Jon-Thanks. I just tried to hit layout rather than going in to the comments to post this.

Bamagal-Thanks for the tip. I have to take food with meds because if I taste anything from them I get sick. It's a carryover from a bad reaction a long time ago. So far it hasn't been that bad, but I am going up from extremely low. Last night was 50 with none in the day, tonight will be 100 and then we'll see where we go next. My somewhat fuzzy understanding is that over time I can decide how much helps and then we'll try to lower some of my other meds from top doses to accomodate.