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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Benefit from my grogginess

I've been reading blogs today. I don't have the focus to read my book (I'm going to have to start entirely over because I'm confused), and I'm sleepy but not sleeping finally. In fact, getting a bit worried about that part. But anyway, I was glad to follow some link because I found a page that's pretty interesting, Everyone Needs Therapy. It's written by a PhD social worker therapist. She has many interesting thoughts and stories, and one post is good enough to earn a link. It's about cognitive behavioral therapy. This is something that has been shown to actually work with bipolars, and I'm all for anything with that claim. Especially when it doesn't involve meds. The only problem is that I have struggled to "get it". It doesn't matter how much it is written out for me or that I'm given things to practice with, I seem to struggle to absorb it well enough to apply it after I leave the psychologist's office. This explanation got me closer to understanding, and maybe someday this will be workable for me. Anyway, check out this for specifics.

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