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Thursday, September 20, 2007

who needs sleep anyway?

I got myself removed from the jury pool. Thanks be to God! Jury duty at this point in my life would be akin to torture. 10 solid days of torture.

I also have my disability papers and they are ready to go as soon as I find out my psychiatrist's address. I have her email memorized, I carry her fax and phone numbers, but the address I have is for the non-central clinic where I see her, not her real office. I'm just impressed because this is the fastest that the paperwork ever got to me. I may even get benefits on time this time instead of the horror that was last time.

I never got more than a few consequetive hours of sleep and the nightmares continued. Waiting to hear from the doctor. At least my thinking is much less out of control today.

Just so mixed up......

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Emilija said...

I'm glad you got out of jury duty, and I'm glad that you managed to get out on disability. Not having to work gives so much more freedom to experiment with meds to try to get things right. Have patience! I know it is so hard to be patient.