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Friday, October 26, 2007

Going for Broke

Each time I've been on disability getting the paperwork in has been an issue. Various screw-ups have occurred on different levels--the doctor, the insurance, my company. Funnily, the person who is off work due to cognitive inability has never been the guilty one.

I hate asking my doctor to do the paperwork. She simply doesn't have time. I'm well aware of this, yet it's my only option. I need it so I get paid.

I've still not gotten a disability check. I'm now due for 3 or 4 weeks. I really need the money; my credit cards are going up and I had worked so hard to keep them heading steeply down this year. I owe my mother a lot of money. And bills keep coming due.

The doctor told me the papers were sent. My company and insurance haven't received them. My doctors office only said "we'll tell her". I don't think the receptionist has a lot of empathy about why not being paid for a month is hard. Why should she?

Because I known how much extra my doctor gives me I have a harder time than I normally would pushing about these papers. She said she did them, so obviously they need faxed again.

Deep breaths......

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