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Friday, October 12, 2007

Well, hopefully this post works.  This is my first attempt at a real post from a computer where I won't pull up the blog to check.  Please forgive typos; they tell me laptops are the same size keys but it never is the same feeling to me.

I survived a long day of travel, both air and driving.  I only took 2 PRN anxiety pills for making it through the airport (noise) and flight (general overstimulation).  Not bad. 

I did accidentally totally get with something.  I traveled with a pill splitter with a razor edge in my carryon.  I didn't realize until I was here.  Oops.

Still all kinds of cognitive symptoms, but I'm doing a bit better overall.  Starting to be able to focus more, starting to care a little.  Yesterday was a little tough for a while when I got a recruitment ad for my job, but after a few hours I found out it isn't for a permanent replacement.  I'm having a hard time believing I won't totally be replaced though.

Emilija, thanks for the financial info.   Interesting about the homeowner thing; part of my fear is losing my home.  I have a kind of loan that discourages sale for 5 years.  I'm almost there, but now I'll build a lot more equity and I want that, obviously.  Too bad my employer won't match house payments!:)   I'm going to at least talk to my doctor about when she thinks the time for disability is.  I'm really struggling because voc. rehab says I shouldn't work and everyone else says I can.  I also want to say more about your other comment but I want to think first.  It's hard doing this via email because I can't go back and see what I wrote.

I'm going to actually try to go to bed.  Who knows what that means.  But hopefully this is the first night of miracle sleep caused by changing states.  It could happen, right?

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