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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I can't believe I never told this story

This has nothing to do with much of anything except why I do not seek medical treatment locally anymore, ever (my argument has always been that I found Dr. Body locally but he did not stay local very long). I'm mainly posting it because I have little memory of this last few months and I use this blog as my memory.

 This story goes way back to after my surgery; the surgeon called and told me the biopsy reports and that there was one thing of slight concern that needed to be checked out.  I originally saw her about 18 months ago because of blood in my urine and she deals with that as well as gynecology.  At the time a "bladder wash" that got urine only from my bladder was done and was negative, indicating things were fine and my blood in my urine was probably uterine.  But when she did the same procedure during surgery they found atypical cells.  These were most likely nothing but she wanted me to see a urologist as soon as possibe and to have a very definitive type of CT.  I honestly thought big deal, I've had CTs and ultrasounds and they are negative.  Then when I had this CT I was a little surprised because I could tell it was a bigger deal than anything previous.  The subtle hint was that I was given not just a syringe of contrast into my IV but 8 minutes of it, then more, from a syringe like thing that I can only describe as enormous.  The day after that I saw Dr. Pee, the urologist.  I had gathered up a CT report that had been done when I had severe pelvic and flank pain about 3 months after the all-clear from Dr. Sweetheart; the scan was done to see if I had a kidney stone since I had every symptom; it was clear.  Dr. Sweatheart had the previous scans, including one done to rule out appendicitis at my local hospital in 2009.  I was mightly confused and had to go request the 2009 one because the 2010 one did not mention the existance of a cyst on my kidney that has been the cause of most of this testing.  That report mentioned some things I didn't understand and googled, only to read "cancer markers" especially when combined with atypical cells in urine.  It also mentioned follow-up, something that clearly was never communicated to me or the dr. who would do the follow-up.  So I went knowing there was concern.  I was expecting to have to have a kidney biopsy and that I was low risk but that this could be serious.

Well, what it was was a string of errors.  Dr. Body has long thought I've had stones but none has ever been detcted on a scan.  Except that when Dr. Pee compared the "concerning areas" from 2009 to the 2010 scan she discovered that the reason I no longer had the markers was they never existed.  In 2009 I had a kidney stone hanging out benignly but was misread.  In 2010 the stone doesn't show, undoubtedly explaining why I had all the symptoms of a stone and no stone found (I had symptoms for several days before I saw Dr. Body). The 2010 radiologist missed the cyst that is still there but stable and harmless.

Dr. Pee explained that they'd test my urine again and as long as it was clear I was fine; if not I'd have another minor surgery to take multiple samples from my bladder wall and get urine from my kidneys to be sure things were ok.  She also told me she was pretty sure this wouldn't happen.  And she admitted that she and Dr. Sweetheart were actually very concerned when the cancer markers and aptypical cellsll were combined.

So not only have I had all the rest of this stuff I had a period of knowing "hmm, I have signs of cancer but there is no way this will be anything more than testing" to finding out that 2 specialists did not like the existing signs.

I merely sent Dr. Body an email telling him that his intuition beats multiple scans (he was right for years about kidney stones) and that I would no longer be getting care are my local hospital for anything.  Ever.  Not that the city (not Cleveland Clinic) radiologist did a great job either given the missing a large cyst thing, but whatever.  I don't have to have the stupid thing monitored and since we know I've had stones if another were to strike we'd know where to look.

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Anonymous said...

Praise for the blessing of healing, deep sleep. Sounds like kitty is getting in on the action, too. Yes, a lot of these things take a long time to figure out. Wonderful news about the outcome of the kidney/bladder concerns!!

I applaud you for all the ways you're trying to use your experience to help others. May more blessings abound to you, Jen. (Michal)

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