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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two posts in 5 minutes

Just curious, has anyone been on zonegran?  That appears to be one of the few meds I've not tried and I'm interested in anything positive or negative.  I suspect it is more risky than I'll be allow to try right now, but the truth is nothing is a great option and from what I'm reading I like this one the most.



Jean Grey said...

I take zonegran. I convinced my doctor to switch me over from tegretol because it has weight loss properties. That said, there isn't a lot of research on it, the one study I know of was for bipolar depression- it was positive, but it was an open label study. I really like the drug- it is the first anticonvulsant that I have been on that has not been sedating or made me ataxic while going on it. I actually found it mildly stimulating at first, although this went away. Anxiety can be an issue with it. It seems to have some antidepressant effects with me- and I did lose a little weight on it. I don't know if it is okay with the MAOI or not- it is supposed to raise seratonin and dopamine levels a little (which may explain the antidepressant effect). I don't know of any research one way or another regarding its anti-manic properties. It's a generic, so there aren't too many studies.

Just Me said...

Thanks Jean. I thought you'd mentioned it but wasn't sure it was you. It seems safe with the MAOI and may actually meet some of the needs I have. I want to say it's been rejected before because my dr. feared nausea but we're down to so few choices that a trial may be worth it. I actually did find something that indicated studies are positive but too small to be sure. I believe insomnia was the other concern for me but I need to be on more antipsychotic anyway and it could possibly replace my $400/mo. Nuvigil habit. And weight loss sounds dandy at this point. I know I'll lose weight once I'm feeling better but I gained weight on neurontin (in only maybe a month) that will not come off. In addition to my gain pre-surgery from hormones and illness it's annoying.

This is one of those times the drug I want may not be 100% ideal but I can win a trial possibly on the basis of the only other choice is keppra (or doing something radical like changing to zyprexa that I am strongly opposed to) and keppra is no wonder drug. Plus I trialed and failed it once before. I think there is consideration of re-trying lamictal, presumably in a very carefully monitored setting since I had the rash badly and a history of previous bad reactions, but it did work and again, I'm running out of things remotely likely to help. This is my fault for posting how much has changed; I neglected to consider that I personally have already tried everything new I was excited about.

Jean Grey said...

Are you doing thyroid augmentation? My current psychiatrist believes that most people with refractory mood disorders do better with a really low TSH. I have found that cytomel helps my mood much more than synthroid, so that is what I take. I'm a little worried about osteoporosis, so I'm taking strontium.