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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trying not to panic

I did not sleep at all last night.  I tried and I medicated myself beyond all reason and it did not work.  It's just the result of being in so much stimulation but it is still a huge overreaction by my brain and I'm a lot stressed because I feel in some ways like the akasthesia and I think it's normal to have some re-runs when it was that bad but I only vaguely remember the dr's education on that.  Even with akasthesia I got a little sleep.  I am desperately seeking Dr. Brain's help and she'll probably hate me but I am not doing this again.  Tonight I will sleep, I don't really care how, except that I am stuck on dosages so anything I do could be harmful.

I called and hopefully Dr. Mind will have a day opening so I can get this over with.  For now I'm going to get a shower so I'm ready if they call and say they can take me in an hour from start time.  Not so likely but I am not fond of driving up and back in the dark if I don't nap which I am not managing right now.

Not good.....

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