Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:13

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hmm, what to say?  First, Michal thanks for the psalm.  That's one of my favorites.  Back in college I volunteered at a state facility for those with developmental disabilities and did a little group that we called Bible study but per their request was Jen reads the Bible.  We always read something else, talked a few minutes and then read a few psalms as they loved them as I do.  Somehow that was drilled into me, probably by my grandmother, that each day you read the Bible you follow with a psalm.  This made me love many of them.

I saw Dr. Mind today.  During the explanation of what was happening I realized I was schlurring my sssssssspeeeesssshhhhhh.  So I let Dr. Brain know and combined with nausea I'm backing off a bit and will go up on lithium more slowly than hoped.  Depending how my stomach behaves in the next hour and a half will determine whether I skip a day or just reduce it tonight.

Dr. Mind told me no Thanksgiving.  I am too nauseous to really think of it and the overally experience is too much. He told me to let my family be as angry at him as they wanted, but NO.  So far this hasn't caused anything too major.  And he's right, the more I rest the more likely I am to get to go to work next week.

I am working on a letter to the ombudsman about my experience.  I think that is how I will share the experience with you because trying to write it twice is proving impossible.

Otherwise, I don't think I've done anything today.  I hoped to get home from Dr. Mind and sleep but it was the wrong time of day.  After a point in the afternoon I just can't sleep; I think my body knows it will mess up bedtime.
I have to figure out what I can eat.  I'm vaguely hungry and haven't had much.  Protein is all that sounds good but not grease.  I think I'm going to try some fish.  I'm a bit afraid of throwing up fish (blagh) but it sounds ok.  I had really good fish in the hospital, weird as that sounds.  The food truly was pretty good.  there, one positive thing.  The weird thing is that last week I was craving tuna like crazy.  One thing I remember clearly from toxicity #1 was that I ate tons of tuna and it was one of the only things that tasted ok.

Please keep praying for my cousin's son.  He had open heart surgery about a week ago and has had multiple complications and remains in the ICU past when he should have gone home.  He had a genetic disorder and they keep finding more pieces to his severity and corresponding issues.  Literally daily he's had some new issue-seizures, a possible brain bleed, possible brain damage from surgery, swallowing difficulties, a need for a special formula because of a lymph issue, and abnormalities of the brain structure were detected.  That's a lot for a little guy not 4 months old yet.

Anyway, off to find that elusive food.  I may stick with last night's supper and eat buttered noodles.  That worked ok.

Even finding food makes me tired......

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