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Saturday, July 17, 2010

And waiting.

Things have stabilized. The baby's condition isn't perfect but it is acceptable and he/she is in no danger. So, after a ton of discussion and the doctor going way above and beyond to arrange things, she is going home tonight. Tomorrow she will have another scan and then will schedule the C-section at the hospital near her home, probably for tomorrow. Obviously there are benefit and detriments to this, but a huge deciding factor is that if the baby is born where it is it goes to a hospital that more or less ruined the life of another family member through enormously stupid mistakes (one of which was that they never checked for a spinal cord injury despite an injury that clearly impacted the spine and they treated him as if nothing were wrong, and due to some of what was done his level and degree of paralysis are way worse than might have been), and if it born at her local hospital it would go to the really wonderful children's hospital where my little brother's life was saved.

So, I get to stay at my own home, sadly minus my brand new sewing machine that I want to get to learn to use but probably need to be less tired anyway, and I get at least night and part of tomorrow at home.

Therefore I'm going to rest more. I have that feeling where you push for days and days and then you don't have to push and you want to sleep for 3 weeks. Which is fine since I mainly feel like that from a med change (really 2) and a week of working really, really hard since this entire next week may be intense, depending on what happens. When they do the c-section I'll go to my mom's so she can leave easily if they decide they want her. She doesn't really think she'll be leaving until the baby comes home though. I probably won't be holding the baby until next weekend. That will be hard.....

But right now all that really matters is eating and sleeping. I love the basics.....

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