Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:13

Monday, July 05, 2010


I've made it further into summer without heat issues than I have since starting the heavy duty psych meds (lithium? antispychotics? who knows anymore.) Today the heat got me. I'm tired and so fuzzy I don't want to walk into the kitchen to throw my blue ice packs into the freezer (ok, doing that before I"m allowed to write another word). Done. I hate that job. It's not just finding places for a ton of ice packs (i'm learning many small ones work better than a few larger ones when the cooler is in a 100 degree car all day), I also have to have the great water bottle filling, oh the last ounce poured out let's repeat that, lid-matching extravaganza. And right now I"m missing a bottle and that really annoys me. I have invested a good bit of money in these bottles, they need to STAY put (what happens is I finish one and sometimes don't shove it back into the cooler, esp. if it is morning and the cooler is full of food). Anyway, today I got so hot that I actually can't get warm now in my house which is the same temperature it always is. I also didn't drink enough which may be part of the problem. Oh well.

So I now own a Wii Fit Plus and balance board. Still working on the console. It's going to be quite disappointing when I get the first stuff and can't use it. If I lose the current auction I may have to do some considering of this and perhaps spring for a new, in my hands now, console this weekend. I have to be out anyway to see Dr. Brain and actually found a good price. I'm winning on one on ebay right now but if I don't win it I'll just buy one Saturday so I can use it. If I order it I won't have it until next week because I rarely get the mail.

Otherwise, just experiencing the usual anxiety that hits when I try to sleep. I've been having nightmares and this is how my body copes. Or something. I just wish it would stop it; hopefully Dr. Brain will be able to this weekend.

What a random post. I think my brain is on vacation......

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