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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sooooooo sick

I'm really, really sick.  Sick like in I'm on the way to the dr. in a little bit and I may have a CT scan and possible admission before I get home.  Sick like either this is one HUGE kidney infection or I may have a stone.  If I do I think it made it to my bladder and is stuck.  I had horrible pain in the left side yesterday but ignored it and eventually it went away although it still hurt to pee.  Now my bladder and areas south of it (I can't describe the region that hurts, it's a really weird area) are on fire, my temp keeps going up (I have had tylenol every 4 hours for 36 hours and 3 doses of Cipro (although one was like 15 minutes ago).  When I woke up 2 hours after a dose of tylenol at 6 and realized how horribly sick I was I stopped it.  I'm interpreting my thermometer based on what I normally get as a reading, but it seems to be around 100 and has been steadily climbing since I'm holding tylenol after realizing it was masking symptoms.  I'm home again, needless to say, freezing, nauseous, hurting, peeing and drinking constantly, and going to the dr. in 30 minutes.I am DREADING the part where he pushes on my bladder.  DREADING.  That can't be good.

I've also had no psych meds in 2 days and was awake nearly all night Tuesday night thanks to my mom's dog.  Consequently I'm also feeling manicky.  Also not a good thing.

More later. If I don't die.  Which I'm considering.

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Michal Ann said...

Soooooo sorry!

I hope you're well enough to post an update. May your doctors have lots of skill and wisdom to get this fixed QUICKLY! I'm so glad it didn't happen on baby debut day but sorry it happened to you ever!!

Congratulations on going to the doctor as quickly as you did. Good job, Jen!