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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Waiting. and waiting

My sister's baby is being a little spirited before birth. The procedure to turn it did not work. After the procedure they monitor the baby and mom and the baby was not moving. It wasn't officially in distress, just not doing what it should. At first this led to some really scary moments, but eventually they said this can happen from the stress of the procedure and that they'd just continue to monitor. On the next session the baby was still not moving enough, not practice breathing enough, and the fluid is low. So after my sister had gone without food or drink for a whole day and had been terrified all that time she had to spend the night in the hospital, and I'm sure all she could do was pay attention to the movement because how could you not? So she was awake all night. We're awaiting the next results and hopefully a decision on things will proceed; there is apparently still some chance they'll release her to have a C-section closer to home in a few days. I don't know how realistic this is and if any medical person has said it or if it's a hope, but regardless this waiting is awful. I'm not sure why they aren't just getting the baby out because clearly it's big enough, it's full-term, and it is clearly struggling inside. There also is an issue with a missing blood vessel in the cord that is a soft sign of problems and combined with the low fluid levels there is some concern being expressed, although the chances of an issue are extremely low. But again, I know if it were me I would have demanded delivery by now, because I don't like the sounds of the interior environment all that well. I don't know if they are concerned there are physical issues and think the baby is better inside than out, or what, but they sure aren't hurrying to get it out, although they are certainly prepared. I don't now what all this means. I came home to get some things and spend time with my cats and be alone for a bit since I may be spending much of the next couple weeks at my mom's depending how long my sister needs my mom. She has stairs in her house that are hard to handle when not recovering from abdominal surgery and will need help for a while just because it won't be a good idea to be up and down the stairs 47 times a day. Even if they go home now and don't deliver today I think my mom will be going to help as my sister is pretty incapacitated at this point as well as her moral being super low.

So, more later. Just don't know when later; everything depends what happens. Things can still turn into the kind of emergency where I have to be there with little notice.

For now I'm going to try to sleep and make up for last night and prepare for tonight which may be just as worrisome.

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Anonymous said...


Julia's comment welcomed your niece. I've been checking on you...glad to hear something and will pray.

Looking forward to more details when you're able to write.

May peace and strength abound, Aunt Jen!