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Monday, July 26, 2010

No expectations, no expectations.........

So my sister was surprised when I said something about not coming to see her until the baby is a bit older.  Basically she said "just come, I'll tell you if it's a bad day".  So, next week while Dr. Mind is on vacation I'm going to go hold my niece.  Yay.

And you cannot know how good it was to type that sentence.  I am really an Aunt........That's not sunk in yet.  Getting sick so soon after didn't do much for the reality check.

Wii fit is kicking my butt. That's a good thing.  I wish I had more time to mess around; I will but haven't been able to get into a routine because of babies and illness and not being home and whatnot. I also think it was a really good idea because I think it really is working on my balance.  it is always criticizing me for not distributing my weight across my feet equally, but it also does work and give enough visual feedback that I'm gaining more of a sense of control of that ankle than I have had since I hurt it.  Of course exercising today also used some of my remaining energy after being so worn out from being sick, which probably made it harder, but, well, let's just say one of my often-repeated at work expressions is "you know the best cure for constipation is therapy".  And let's also say that I may have ignored the signs I needed to be on my meds for that and then it got worse while taking Zoftran which slows down your belly, and so I am doing everything I can think of to aid in digestion.

Now I supposed I should try to sleep.  I got distracted editing pictures of MY NIECE and time got away from me.


the wid0w said...

theres a lot of herbs you can use in just your normal average every day cooking to aid digestion...
for instance if i "accidently" add too much dill to partners chicken, stew, or what ever the heck were haveing his job "driving 600 miles a night" suddenly becomes real intresting ;-)
thats just one example there is plenty others than have the same effect as well .. might not cure things but worth trying to see if they help

Michal Ann said...

3-4 reports of good news: You have some idea of the reason for your illness, you have ideas about how to improve the situation, the Wii fit sounds fabulous for exercise and rehab on the ankle AND you're invited to hold baby "Anne!"

I'm sure love for your precious niece will overflow. Devotion to the beauty of her child is the language your sister most craves hearing. Just dote on the perfection of the little bundle of joy and mom will be thrilled. She won't resist any word of encouragement about her little miracle. You will be worth your weight in gold whether you're holding the little one or mothering the new mom with considerate things like making sure she's getting lots of fluids and staying comfortable. I've been known to bring a vat of bran muffin mix that keeps in the fridge for days AND a gallon of cranberry juice. Life gets pretty basic for new moms and babies!


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