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Friday, July 09, 2010

The Really Cool thing that happened today (and then the really frustrating)

Today was hard. I've fought tears all day long for no reason, and am pretty heavily medicated, like as in I took more klonopin than I'm supposed to just to function. (Which I'm really allowed occasionally). I have a call in to see Dr. Mind again ASAP if I can.

But it had one incredibly cool part. I knew my schedule for next week was going to be really intense. I figured it out and I absolutely cannot take on one more eval, even though I'm sure to get some in the next several days. I went to the director to tell her just FYI, Ot is hitting a really high caseload and is going to get pretty intense. She said "well, I guess it's time to hire you an assistant then" and started the process. And then she said that she wants me to do part of the interview process! Which means that I have in 7 weeks managed to show them the value of OT (they knew they needed it, now they love it), made it a cost-appropriate venture, and outgrown my capacity). And clearly I'm doing ok if they're willing to hire someone rather than tell me to work harder. In a nursing home I would have been told to work harder or somehow find a way to manage, preferably in 40 hours and without changing anyone's minutes.

The thing that about caused me to go into total overload (insert Dr. Mind saying "I've seen you in total overload. Is this REALLY total overload? No it is NOT and I'm not ready for that again so don't say that" was that every Friday when I wake up I check my bank account to see what my income was for the week and then I pay bills. This morning my total deposit was $100, which is my mileage reimbursement. I called and left a message with payroll and eventually got a call back saying they never got my time sheet. It was late, because they didn't send the email that it needed to be in on Monday until I was at work Friday, and then I needed special approval for overtime due to a complicated patient taking double his planned time that I couldn't get until Tuesday. Thankfully I not only had the timesheet but the fax confirmation sheet, so a couple of phone calls to the right people got it taken care of before there was even an overdraft from my mortgage payment which is automatically deducted each week. However, the near tears from that one were pretty intense and got ideal for work.

It was just one more sign that it's time to work for a company where I know the people to talk to about the issues instead of them being many states away. I believe I also will be salaried (that's definitely what I'm bargaining for) and so the stupid timesheet thing should not be a crisis.

Like I said I've had a lot of medication and it's hitting hard so I'm going to start the going to sleep process. More tomorrow. I see Dr. Brain and I hope Dr. Mind, so it should be a productive day.

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