Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:13

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So the nebulizer helped clear enough junk that I slept last night and napped a little this afternoon.  It wasn't as effective at getting stuff necessarily out of there, but at least it opens my airway a little.  Sleep has helped a good bit.  I don't feel great emotionally but I don't think this is going to land me in the hospital at any time in the near future either.  If it does it will be physical, not because my depression is scary.  It's bad now, not scary.

After spending $35, about 2 hours, all of my patience, 7 large insect bites and some screaming in frustration where not-nice words were used, I finally have my dryer hooked up.  At least theoretically.  I'm not sure it is hooked up well, but everything is where it should be.  That was not a good project to take on while sick.

Tomorrow is back to work. Not sure how that's gonna go; I feel bad enough still that if I hadn't been off for 2 weeks I wouldn't be going in. Please pray I can work out for Tuesday to be work from home or traded for Friday in  the office.  I really, really need that appointment with Dr. Mind.

I felt better enough today to sew a bit.  Not a ton but I've been dreading it because it was a new experience and potentially tricky but so far so good.  I made my niece a bunting for winter wear but thanks to a typo on the package I made the wrong size and it's huge on  her.  So I'm making another, but using fabric I already had.  The  problem with it is that it has a back side that sends off my sensory issues, so I got a liner to put in it.  Which has meant sewing on a slippery surface, trying to make sure the stitching for the lining doesn't make the overall bunting look funny, and I couldn't take the stress until today.

Not much else to say.  Trying to be patient with the nebulizer, which is very loud and makes multiple noises at the same time, which is unpleasant, especially combined with the dryer noises from downstairs.  Ever since I ripped up the carpet in the spare room which is over the dryer the dryer has become very loud and in this case the noises are additive.  Oh well, the neb. should be done soon.  Or so it seems.  This thing is so slow.  No wonder my patients find them so annoying.  I'll deal with annoying though if it gets me sleep and breathing without wheezing.

And then I shall begin the preparation for bed because I'm hoping to find a way to sleep earlier than midnight-2 AM.  Midnight is the best I've done lately and that's way too late for a work night.

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