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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some good, some bad

Today I slept until about 2.  I was up for a while with stomach cramps and for a while it looked like I was going to add fluid loss from both directions simultaneously to this experience.  (Both vomiting and diarrhea are part of it).  I've already done the vomiting bit and figured it was about done given that it is supposed to happen with the worst of the coughing.  Ultimately I decided to try hard to lay off the cough med for the day.  I have, but my belly is still quite upset and well, I really didn't need to hurt anywhere else.  My lungs and throat already burn all the time.

But I did have a little more energy today and did a few of the things that must be done.  I took a shower (here's how sick I've been:  it was the first since Sunday), emptied some of the stuff out of my car, went in for more meds and masks for the next few days and found out that one med had to be ordered so I have to go back tomorrow.  I'm in the midst of washing sheets and blankets; I just need to feel really clean and after 5 solid days in bed nothing you've been near feels all that clean.

I've coughed less today and had a bit more energy but it's unbelievable how tired you get.  Right now I'm trying to recover from sitting up to sew for about 10 minutes then walking to the basement and back.   I am getting a bad headache from all of this activity, something I had a lot at the beginning.

I'm starting round 2 of antibiotics, this time for a possible ear infection.  I don't think it is but I'm not sure.  It hurts but not constantly.  I have the stupid high pain tolerance thing as well. And Dr. Body didn't look when I was in, probably because at that point I was coughing so constantly it would be been chasing a moving target.

Otherwise, I'm pretty much just really grouchy.  I feel overwhelmed by things that I need to do between now and leaving Sunday.  None of it is huge, but it's enough to make me very tired.  I hope this vacation isn't a huge mistake.  If I'm still so sick all I do is sleep then it's not worth the money.  Hopefully it will be nice and I'll be out of bed some and find something enjoyable.

Time to change out laundry.  Then hack.  Then go get the 2nd bag from the car, the one that actually has my antibiotic in it.  Then hack. Then feed cats.  Then hack.  See the theme?

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Michal Ann said...

Thanks for the update...DON'T over do it! I'm so sorry you're sick. Be kind to yourself! What a nasty disease....