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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Welcome to my world

Want to hear what I sound like?  Follow this link and in the right column under sounds go to the child without whooping (2nd one down).  Note that it plays continually until you stop it, which sounds about right from how it feels.

Thankfully with constant strong cough meds I cough like that only maybe 10 times daily now.  Through yesterday it was too many times to count, and it still increases if I move out of a few positions.  I can't still up straight or stand for long or I trigger coughing.  I also trigger coughing if I try to do anything more difficulty than throw food in the microwave.  Even though it's less frequent it's still intense and I have had things go black a lot of times in the last few days.

I'm concerned I'm getting an ear infection too.  I've only had one of those in my life and don't know what it feels like, but one of my ears has been hurting consistently for hours and it doesn't seem to be changing.  So if that doesn't improve I'll be calling the dr. again tomorrow.  Undoubtedly more antibiotics will follow.

And now it's time to get ready for feed-cats-take-meds-sleep again.

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