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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welcome to OT stress time

I know I had a comment or two that my accidental posting of a title that probably seemed ominous and then silence was a little disturbing.  Just so everyone knows, I'll try to keep posting at my usual rate.  However, this time of year things tend to be very, very hectic.   Coping with holidays is tough.  More than tough.  It's extremely hard.  I also have SAD and while I have a light and it helps I always struggle for a while to integrate that into my mornings.  SAD makes me sleepier than usual as well.  And then it is THE time of year.  I don't know for home health yet but I'm sure it's the same, Nov. through February tends to be hopping, generally with Dec. the worst.  A lot of people choose Dec. for elective procedures, plus it's when people get sick.  And to ice the cake this year next week is my last week as a contracter.  The following week I'll be away at isolate Jen from stressors camp, and then I start training for the job I've been doing.  (Obviously different training than I've had, but a week of computerized stuff that I'll struggle with because I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to that kind of thing).  Then it is Thanksgiving, and that is a holiday, which means Jen takes lots of sedatives.

So don't worry if I'm quieter.  Today, for example, I left home at 7 and got home at 8:45.  I had lunch at 5 pm.  It was an atypical day and just didn't work right, but still, not fun at all.  I've done paperwork until my meds kicked in and I'll have more to do in the morning.

I'm more likely to write if I'm not fine if that helps.  I just am very focused on getting through Wednesday morning and getting my paperwork done, etc and that leaves a lot less time for things like blogging, sewing, packing to be away for a few days dogsitting for my mom, eating, getting labs done, etc. You name it and I'm behind on it right now.

But soon I'll be back, and maybe even tomorrow will be better.  My caseload seems lighter this week but is still keeping me very busy so I'm not sure what that means.

Probably Friday I've have 3 patients......


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Understand writing when you're under stress. I don't do much during good days. Hoping you have plenty of sedatives to get through the holidays. Almost wish I had a few so I could sleep through the celebrations myself! Bah Humbug!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Jen.

Your days sound SO incredibly busy - no wonder you don't have time to blog. Personally, I just want you to realize that you are missed (and prayed about) when you don't post like normal. But, on the other hand, this shouldn't be a weight hanging over you either.

Just know we are all thinking about you! That's a good thing, huh?


Michal Ann said...

Soon you'll be at Camp Jen! Do I understand that the following week is the training? Will that be good timing because you'll prayerfully be rested? You're amazingly accomplished.

When will you get the new car? In time for your vacation?

Just Me said...

Camp Jen........sounds so good. 10 more days.
I should get my new car the 13th. It's kind of far away so I'm getting it on the way to see Dr. Brain so I don't have an extra trip north since I'm doing a lot of traveling there for a while. Dr. Brain the 13th, traveling to Camp Jen the 14th, home the 18th, up to Dr. Mind the 20th. So the new car will be well broken in.

The training should be at a good time, although I think that it probably won't REALLY happen that week because we're only open 3 days and that's going to be a lot for someone who isn't familiar with my patients to handle. I have a feeling boring training week will be deferred. I hope so; I'll miss my patients. Most of them (ominous warning about post soon to come).

Thanks B for saying I'm missed. It's a weird feeling to write this stuff; I have a great support group here and since only 16 months ago I was seriously thinking of stopping because of lack of readers that's awesome. But you never know if there's an actual point to doing this. Especially this blog which can often horrify more than amuse....

Michal Ann said...

There IS a point to doing this! Yes, there is a lot of stuff that's been difficult to read but your aim was not to amuse! I appreciate your honesty. This "diary" has value to you, too. Thanks for letting us ride along.