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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random assortment of stuff

Tonight I may have carried the strangest set of things into my house ever to enter these doors at the same time.  My list:

1)  Overloaded clipboard with stuff I should look at tonight but won't because I'm tired.
2)  Oxygen mask to replace the tube thing on my nebulizer that I was supposed to hold in my mouth; it gagged me.  For anyone's reference in the future you can get an oxygen mask at a medical supply store without a script for $3.75.  I wish I'd done that earlier in the week; I'm doing my treatment now and handling it much, much better.  I also have issues with having my mouth and nose covered so I've had more fun but this is better.  Plus when I cough I don't lose meds because I'm holding the gaggy thing away from my mouth.

  •        2a)  Funny, well, more like ironic.  Dr. Mind and I were talking Saturday about how to get me comfortable         enough to sleep.He suggested a recliner; I explained I don't have one, only couches because I hate them although I was considering buying one if I got desperate enough.  He looked puzzled ( (who has strong opinions against lazy-boys?) but we moved on; I wasn't in the right place to explain the role of a recliner in the early childhood abuse.  Two seconds later we were talking about how I have to keep my mouth and nose covered while outside until my lungs heal, and while this was given as a warning not a directive the fact is that cold air can make me choke like nothing else does.  The problem is that I also HATE having my face covered.  Dr. Mind said something mildly about that probably being from someone holding my mouth to keep me from yelling.  It is, but what he didn't know is that some of the memories that make that the worst are from being held down in a recliner.
3)  A burrito from Sheetz.  For those who don't have Sheetz it is a gas station chain that has a kind of short order kitchen that has relatively decent food.  I'd never had their burrito but it sounded good tonight.  I got 2 meals from it and it was good.

4)  A 3 lb. hammer thing for taking down walls.  Wimpy walls, not sledgehammer territory.  

5)  A respirator for use with construction projects to prevent inhaling crap into my lungs that would then have to sit and rot until I can cough it up which I'm beginning to think is never.

6)  Paperwork for my new washer and dryer.  Have I ever explained my theory about houses and cars?  They talk. I bought the house and my 35000 mile Focus fell apart (piece of crap car).  I bought a car, my dryer died.  But there was a really good sale at Sears on a front loader that met several criteria I had in mind for new washer/dryer when the time came (which I just didn't expect to be yet, but maybe it wasn't a good idea to wash a 22lb blanket repeatedly in a standard weight only machine) so now I have to knock down two walls in my basement (hence 3 and 4 since I can't brethe in dust but these are wimpy walls) because the ahem, very nice and thoughtful people who built this house added a bedroom down in the basement by sticking up some plasterboard.  The problem is that this traps the washer and dryer in the laundry area;when I moved in I had to pay a plumber to move the hot water tank so they could be installed.  This time I am not doing that; I have realized how obnoxious that bedroom is because it blocks light, messes up the logical shape of the basement and it is disgusting and I'll never use it as anything anyway.  So this weekend the walls come down and the DISGUSTING carpet  comes up.

7)  Paperwork for my new Sears card which gives me one year with no interest.  I'm fascinated by this.  My credit was so poor 2 years ago that Sears cancelled my card while it still had a balance because I was so bad at paying it.  And now my credit is good enough to get a new credit card AND a new car with a good interest rate.  I've worked my butt off fixing my credit, so this is certainly something I've earned, but it's hard to get used to it. (My credit score is about 150 points high than it's lowest point; I REALLY was in bad shape for a while.)

8)  As always, the dreaded scarf so I can make myself believe I'm suffocating again tomorrow.  Yay.

(And by the way, I'm totally freaked out about buying a car and a washer and dryer in the same few weeks.  I haven't made big purchases in so long (well, except my furnace and windows but I had saved and paid those off immediately).

Also, I find it funny that Sears offers 2 choices:  Free delivery, saving you $69, or 0% APR for one year, so for a $1000 purchase at the 26% interest,it's $69 versus over $250.  Hmm, what should I choose....Now I have to make it through 3 weeks either drying my clothes 3-4 times per load or dragging laundry to my mom's.  Which should be fun since I have very little free time in the next few weeks; I have an all weekend training next weekend and the following is Dr. Brain and after that I'll have my own machines again.

Ok, I've been writing for 30 minutes and this nebulizer is STILL running.  Tomorrow I'm going to start cutting the dose a little. This med is hard to find so that means unavailable around here and I won't be back to the city to get more until next week.  I think I can get by with less per treatment and make the possibility of treatments last longer.  I could be wrong, but I'm going to try.  I wonder how much longer this is going to run....Or how long before I give up on the last of it.  Often when I see less medicine coming out I decide it's been long enough, another reason that I am going to try to cut the dosage.  I don't have 45 minutes in the morning to do this.

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