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Friday, November 19, 2010

When MAOIs suck/Time to review the rules with Dr. Body

I always read about meds before starting them.  Always.  I also require my doctor to check interactions before giving me any meds.

Today he was in a hurry.  I figured he ran it while out of the room because he always does.  We did discuss why I wasn't using this previously and I didn't know.  I do though remember him looking something up at my first visit and I think it was the inhaler he gave me today now that I have the memory.  But I was so very sick last week that nothing registered. He's used to my being aware and defensive about anything that comes up, and I wasn't today because these meds are so far from my experience.

So I got the inhaler and started it immediately.I have only used it twice, thankfully, when I pulled out the patient pamphlet and saw that it interacted with MAOIs (that's my patch).  I ran a search and sure enough, severe interaction because it can skyrocket my blood pressure.  So, end of inhaler that was actually helping a little.  More tears.

Tomorrow I'll be getting a nebuliser.

I've now sent him another message which means he's probably ready to get rid of me.  I feel horrible because I've been very, very needy lately.  Or all year.  I have seen him so many times in the last year between him taking care of my psych care when Dr. Brain was off work, then the flu from hell, then my ankle, then a work physical, then there's been my weird pain/UTI thing in the summer, and then I was in for lab orders, followed by an email request for something for my head yeast infection (as gross as it sounds), and also a few general questions.   We also had an appointment to discuss my decreased pain sensitivity issues and my confusion about how to know sick from not feeling well and that I'd felt I had wasted his time not knowing.  That was our first discussion of specific abuse. And during my lab appt we had to discuss my crazy female problems.  Days after the yeast med was "um, tell me about whooping cough" and a few days after that I was in with it.  And then I was in today and frankly felt he was half blowing me off, not in any sense but he was rushing and didn't listen as well as he might have.  He was nice, but he made that major error of not looking up the inhaler.  And then I came home and sent a message to let him know that I've let Dr. Brain know that I may be needing/opting to try steroids and will need to be locked up for that.  And now ANOTHER message that he tried to kill me.

Part of my feelings come from the difference in his practice.  He used to spend a lot more time with me and was more careful.  He used to schedule extra time for me and made a show of caring how I was doing.  Now it's always hurry, hurry, and I don't know if it's the practice or because the practice hates my insurance. Regardless I'm going to go to private pay for visits when my new plan starts if they don't accept it because they take it as an exception for me and get paid almost nothing.  I can pay out of pocket since I'll get it back at the end of the year anyway in taxes and I want to see if getting fully paid for a visit nets me enough time that he does not make this kind of mistake.  If he makes this kind of mistake again I will have to actually talk to him about it and that he can't kill me and I can't imagine changing doctors but he committed YEARS ago to taking the time to make sure my allergies and interactions were safe and he really failed me today.  Had he said "it does interact with Emsam but it's mild" I'd be fine.  Or "check your blood pressure a couple times to be sure", again, I'd be fine.  But now I have no way of knowing if he made a mistake or not, so I'm now off the med that seemed to actually help a bit.  And I'm just so very tired.  The sole reason I love Dr. Body is that he doesn't put me through this kind of thing.

Again, it truly may not be anything.  The Emsam papers do  not specifically rule out this kind of medication.  The inhaler papers do very specifically state that it should be used with extreme caution if at all with the MAOI. So maybe I can use it.

I DON'T KNOW......And I won't know until Monday night.

Right this moment I truly hate my life.

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Just because a side effect CAN happen doesn't mean it WILL happen - how was your BP effected by the med....???