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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another experience

I have this medication I had to take tonight and then again tomorrow night to soften my cervix and help it to open some so they have an easier time getting in with the scope.  I greatly appreciate that as I suspect that having post-op pain from having my cervix pried apart may not add to the experience.  This medicine is also what is given to start inducing labor, although I think in that case it is typically inserted rather than swallowed.  They said it can have wildly varying effects from feeling nothing to cramping to a good bit of pain and/or diarrhea.  I am not to do the repeat dose if this one is bad.  Thus far it just feels like a lot of cramps.  No big deal.  It does seem to make the place that hurts all the time hurt a little more if I move around so I'm not running around a lot tonight, but that's fine by me since the narcotics now cost me a (nice) toaster.  Since I am likely to want a lot of toast this week that will have to be replaced ASAP too.  (I moved the toaster on the stove to use a burner and accidentally bumped another burner then didn't pay attention to the nasty smell until the toast was.....well, toast.  And my house stinks like a combination of dog/cat urine and burned plastic now.  Thankfully it's cool enough to open windows.

But, tonight I'm getting to experience extremely early labor..........yippee........


Jean Grey said...

I'm just thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you get close to your surgery.

Anonymous said...

I've been in Canada for a few days but I caught up on all your posts. So many challenges...I'm sorry it's incredibly difficult. May there be sunshine SOON! Michal

Our LORD, let Your worshipers
rejoice and be glad.
They love You for saving them,
so let them always say,
"The LORD is wonderful!"

I am poor and needy,
but, LORD God,
You care about me,
and You come to my rescue.
Please hurry and help.

Psalm 40: 16-17