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Saturday, August 13, 2011


So please pray for me over the next 10 days.  I have 2 days of pre-op this week.  That involves a lot of testing, a lot of question asking, and probably 2 pelvics.  I can't explain how painful those are at this point.  Well, I don't KNOW at this point, but bad based on the last one.  That is with her trying hard to not hurt me because I think she wants to avoid negative associations with something I'm only really learning to manage.  I fear it will also include a pulmonary function test and I can't tell you how much I hate those.I'm too goal-oriented and so I wind up trying to score normal and then gasping for air.  I get confusing results too as I push so hard that I score in the low end of normal when my asthma just isn't that well controlled (although being housebound/bedbound does help in the asthma department so maybe it won't be so hard).   Because of long-term antipsychotic use I'll also have an EKG which means more nudity with another stranger, etc.  I also can't be zonked on pain meds the day I drive up, the next day which is 8-9 hours of testing, and the day after that is one appointment and driving home.  Not good.

Next week is surgery and while  I'll be thankfully unconscious I'll also be very naked for a very long time with a lot of observers (and participants come to think of it).  I still don't know and probably will not know how long I'll be in the hospital; it may be 23 hours, it may be a few days.  Apparently for insurance purposes they'll decide that day instead of the protocol dictating as I'd been told before.  I like to know what is happening so am less than fond of this although I understand.

I'll just be so glad to have this over with.  I hope the pain has a very obvious source and is gotten rid of easily and permanently.

And on that note I need to get some food, more pain medication, all my psych meds and get to sleep.  I hope.

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