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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I guess this is good news

I just got back the results of my pregnancy test.  We'll all be shocked to know that another virgin birth is not pending.  And I get another pregnancy test next week!!!  YAY!

Pre-op was......a lot.  A lot of questions asked repeatedly.  A lot of pain from sitting upright.  A lot of being told things I already know but have to be told again.  A lot of nice people, a few really cranky ones.  I still know nothing about anesthesia as I didn't actually meet with anyone who will be working with me and they did not seem to even like this protocol I'm on, or approve or something.  I apparently had to have the approval of one particular person based on my psychiatrist stating that I am at risk for self harm if off medications.  I don't think today's anesthesiologist thought that was a good idea or something.  However, he did play "guess endotracheal tube size" by having my open my mouth for the resident to guess and then concurring.  Yippee.

I saw the surgeon I hadn't met before; I heard her talking on the phone to the other surgeon and referring to my big old belly.  I hope tomorrow when I see the other surgeon, the one who knows me, that she can explain the belly.

And now I shall enjoy my evening of doing nothing.

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