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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My life is not bad. What I am going through is nothing. please, please read

I support a charity called Reese's Rainbow as much as I can.  It helps people who want to adopt a child with special needs for a country where those children are institutionalized at an early age and mostly die by age 10 to raise funds, find a child, and provide connections.

Through one of the blogs I read related to this I found this link.  If the word link isn't another color that is a design flaw and the word link IS a link.  I will caution you that this is not something you probably want your children to see.  You do not want to see it.violence, actual pain, or even a face showing suffering.  There is a 10 year old who weighs 10 lbs and is smaller than most 2 week old babies. (To be entirely fair I would suspect she has some form of dwarfish besides Down syndrome but she still has been severely neglected and not feed appropriately.)  She needs help, now.  It's so sad that it resonates (there is no   But you may be able to help make it right.  I am asking each of you to please do what you can here.  $2 helps.  My heart is breaking because at this moment I do not have the money to even come up with $2, since I may have no income for a month and have very little sitting around.  I'm living on credit until disability is approved. When I have money this is a huge priority.  This child is clearly a fighter, a fighter beyond all imagination.  There is no way she should be alive.

This puts so much in perspective.

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