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Saturday, August 27, 2011


So apparently this surgery lets you know when you have done too much.  I knew this but the ways it kicks back if I do more than a tiny bit really is impressive.  If I don't behave I wind up hurting, bleeding, with gas pain, and in a lot of pain.  Overdoing is not too hard to do either; it's amazing how much we do during the course of a day that we don't think about.  Twice in 3 days I've  had to rapidly change sheets and clean carpet because my cat or I spilled my drink.  I got worried about something I couldn't find that had slid under the bed and that caused issues.  I try to go too long without pain meds and my body attacks.

I know this is normal and that it is also partly because I  am so very tired from not sleeping well for weeks before surgery as well as getting almost no sleep in the hospital, but it is not good for my impatience level.

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Anonymous said...


It was interesting to read your surgery scenario. I am glad the MAJOR parts went well but it sounds as though the med/transport issues were unsettling.

I have a suggestion for you... if your mom comes over have her put 2-3 fitted sheets on your bed. That way, if the sheet needs to be changed you can just peel away the top layer.

And no more overdoing it, ok? Can't that cause a HUGE difference in your recovery time?