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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm on drugs but this still was weird

I went to see Dr. Brain today. We'll talk another day about how little I enjoyed missing pain meds to do that.  But, I had a very, very weird experience.

On Saturdays everything except Dr. Brain's clinic closes at noon.  I see her at 1 as the last appointment.  I got there today about 12:45, when there are usually very few people around.  I went to the bathroom and when I pushed open the door it hit someone.  This scared me enough I yelled.  I apologized profusely and got a sarcastic "that's ok, it's not like you'd expect someone to BE in here or anything".  Which was weird enough.  But the weirdest thing?  This woman was in the corner behind the door.  There is nothing there and you wouldn't want to go there because that's how you get smacked by the door.  There's no way she was stepping away from the trash or sink or anything; she was purposefully standing behind a public door, facing into the corner, and expecting nobody to open the door to the public bathroom.  Chances are reasonable it was another psych patient, although most people seen on Saturdays are severe depression pts.; I'm the exception to the clinic's purpose because most people don't drive 2 hours each way and need monthly visits for life and I've been a Saturday pt. for nearly 10 years now.  Not that you have to be a psych pt. to be weird, but this was beyond weird, and it frightened me enough that I will be using the bathroom on Dr. Brain's floor from now on.

Weird, weird, weird.

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