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Saturday, August 06, 2011


I actually have something somewhat insightful to post but must wait until not under the effects of pain meds.  Except I don't know that I am.  I took 1/2 of a percocet about an hour ago and thus far don't feel groggy or painfree or anything except a little distant.  I am going to give it a little longer than I guess I take the other half.  I'm trying to guage the effects since I've only had one percocet in my life and that was 20 years ago.  It's hard to know how I will respond to anything as my body is used to sedation.  However until I know I'm reluctant to mix it with psych meds for fear it will be too much.

Today was weird.  It started at 3:27 AM when I did that thing where you wake up having shot to a sitting position and gasping for air.  Either something scared me or I had a nightmare.  Or pain.  I suppose that a particularly bad moment of pain could do that too.  I think I did get about 30 minutes of nap before I went to work.  Work was also weird.  It involved a massive scheduling snafu.  I did get some time in the office to organize things a bit before I have to be off, as pain may make me stop sooner than next Monday.  Dr. Body has told me that he will write me off for pain management if I need the percocets and can't take them and drive.  Since I am getting sleepy now I guess they do cause that, meaning they won't mix with work.  My pain has been hanging at 7/10 and if I can get away with that and get some relief with percocets at night then that will be the plan.  If it gets worse at all then I'm going to have to stay home, stay medicated and sleep it off.  So in working toward that possibility my current charts at least are all up to date, my supervision stuff is organized for completion as far as I can take it on Tuesday, and I'm beginning to be unable to spell simple words.  So I guess it is definitely sedating although I'm going to have to take the rest for pain I'm afraid.

OK, this stuff is literally having more effects by the minute.  Time to try sleep.

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