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Friday, August 12, 2011

Hmm, I may be awake

I don't really trust myself when it comes to wakefulness right now.  I am asleep so much and when I have thought I was awake and sent what I thought were perfectly reasonable emails I have later discovered that nearly every word needed to be decoded.  Or I respond to something and find out that I was so far off base in what I thought I was responding to that I made no sense.  Right now though I think the risk is lowered.  I am certainly under the influence but a little less so.

The only problem I may be slightly less groggy but I don't have much to say.  I left the bed for a few hours Monday to see Dr. Body and a few hours Tuesday to see Dr. Mind.  I tried to go see Dr. Mind yesterday but even though I stopped taking vicodin at noon I couldn't get awake enough to drive safely.  I hate doing that because he loses money when I cancel that late but I truly thought that was enough time to get clear-headed.  Tomorrow I am going to see Dr. Brain. She said we could do a phone session but I have too many questions to make that efficient and I have to get out of here to get food anyway.

My cat is driving me crazy.  She seems to think that if I am home she needs to eat every few hours.  I  get tired of her misbehaving (scratching things to make noise) and given in and then it just gets worse.  I am hoping to get somthing like tuna that I can throw a tsp or 2 out when she pesters.  It still reinforces bad behaviors but she does get very hungry sometimes from kidney failure and frankly if it lets me sleep right now I don't care.

Otherwise, not much to say.  I found slippers I really liked only to find out they were boys'.  But then I realized that I could fit into them, so I  ordered a pair and am in love.  Nothing I need for the hospital matches; my robe and slippers and pajamas if I start wearing those all clash.  I couldn't care less. It has made for some interesting choices though; however I just couldn't find the slippers I wanted in a color that didn't clash with my robe and I know I'llwant my warm robe in the hospital since it is going to be cold unless it is unlike any other hospital ever.  Even wearing real clothes on the psych until I was constantly cold and mad because I didn't pack nearly enough sweatshirts.

Good news is pre-op is only 4 days off and surgery only 10. Finally.

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Rachael said...

Thinking of you and wishing you restful sleep.