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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Excessive anxiety --->Mania

I barely slept last night because of agitation.  I hoped it was thunderstorms.  It was not.  I needed to keep busy and that has continued through today. Unfortunately busy leads to sore and when I'm manic I ignore pain until it's too late to just slow down and recover from it.I got a lot done today.  That is good.  However it has all had a cost and so I hurt, but I'm still agitated.  I hope that if I can sleep tonight that things will improve. We'll see. Tomorrow I have to drive back to Cleveland to spend the night for my early morning pre-op Tuesday and Wednesday.  I really wish I were seeing my doctor first; as it is the one I haven't met is first and will therefore be the one who I need to help with a few things, like a couple of medications, and who is going to encounter my huge belly first.

I hate this feeling.  I am waiting until pain med time to take my other meds so I don't sleep through pain med time, assuming my psych meds do their thing and make me sleep tonight.  If it weren't for pre-op I'd just take some more to sleep but I don't want to have a repeat of last thursday when I couldn't wake up to save my life--at 5 pm when I needed to leave to see Dr. Mind at 6 pm.

At least I can be pretty sure that if I weren't so anxious I wouldn't be manic, and that anxiety is normal.  Those are good things.

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