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Monday, August 15, 2011


I know what happened really is nice, but I just spent hours in the car (ie hurting, am just getting settled into a motel, and will be sharing a wall/adjoining door with some very loud people.  I heard them complaining during checkin about noise last time they were here and they are annoying me greatly.  I am, however, cranky).  The truth is that I have a nice enough room given the cost and free parking/free shuttle to my appointments.  I'm just anxious.

I have no idea how to handle the pain tomorrow.  If I take a whole vicodin I could get really sleepy.  That has not been happening though but it still sporadically does.  Half does little.  I have some higher dose ones that I could take half of but have no clue what the potency of that would be.  I had emailed Dr. Body who told me last week he'd help with the pain as much as he could but I think forgot to mention he was leaving town this week.  I think I actually knew that at some point but he didn't mention it this time.  I also had a question about the blood I always have in my urine; I know it was worse last week and that the dr. needs to know this.  I do not know what my baseline amount is and I'm not sure she she does because when I was referred Dr. Body had just changed practices and we didn't have the records.  He would have access to this from the last 18 months of urine checks but I don't.

So his partner answered me.  That was very nice and she had at least been briefed to expect to hear from me and help if possible.  However, she just made me more anxious by telling me she won't help with pain management, that Dr. Body can when he returns.  Um, I'll have had surgery by then.  I needed specific help for tomorrow and Wednesday, which maybe she couldn't pick up easily from context but I don't think she wanted to help on that one no matter what.  understandable, but say that instead of giving a condescending (cranky on my part) answer.  Then she told me the dr. doing the bladder test would have that information before the procedure.  That's just making assumptions and this is why I'm frustrated.  That's not true.  For one thing I was referred for this procedure a year and a half ago.  For another Dr. .Body had little to do with  because of his pratice change; I don't know that anything was even sent up here.  And while I realize Dr. Sub isn't familiar with me at all it felt just a bit condescending to tell me that things were handled differently than they were given that I was there.  A much better answer would be to either check the labs and give me an answer or tell me that she did not know.  I'm not stupid and I think the vast majority of patients know whether information was exchanged when seeing a specialist; she does not know what it took to get me to do this or of the horrible experience I had in the midst, but still.

Yet it was nice that she answered.  I'm a bit interested what she would do if my pain worsened this week since I'm supposed to wait for Dr. Body to get back, but whatever.  I'll have to get someone up here to write for more vicodin anyway since I'm almost out.

Weird.  The loud women next door must not have liked their room.  Now there is an equally loud man next door but I think he's talking on a phone, so that at least will end.

And the best thing of all...my room has a chair and footstool in it that let me sit fairly comfortably for a bit.  Now I need to get meds and sleep so I'll move to the bed in a minute, but for the time I'm here tomorrow afternoon/night and Wed. morning I'll get to sit up some.  I've not done much of that lately..........

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Rachael said...

I find it amazing how reticent doctors are to say, "I don't know." It would make such a difference if they simply made that admission sometimes. I wonder if there is a culture in medical school that discourages that statement so thoroughly that they can't say it after they graduate.