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Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Day

I'm pretty sure that it's just another day to Just Me, but she is heading into to the weekend, so I worry about the routine and staff and the impact of change on her. Things in hospitals are just loose on the weekends.

Just Me's first email this morning (1 of 4) so that she has a record of what is going on sounded pretty upbeat, all things considered. She'd had a decent breakfast, felt a little groggy but slept okay, needed an anxiety med, but didn't feel like "crawling up a wall."

She thinks she will be there until mid-week, which is what has her asking for another week off work. She didn't want to return home mid-week or later and then have to go to work on Monday. I think that is good planning on her part and just more proof how she is her own advocate.

She reported the meds were making her very VERY thirsty. And that she was quite enjoying art therapy.

She's having some food issues - mostly wanting different food than she is being served or requested. They've put her on a special diet because of the new med. But she is very emotional. She was very emotional when a package arrived from her mom and didn't contain the puzzles she'd wanted.

I think her emails sound better than a couple of days ago and it seems her concentration is better.

Hoping the weekend bring more peace for Just Me.

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