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Friday, October 16, 2009

Like any good scout

I was a Girl Scout, what seems like a lifetime ago. I made it through Brownies, Cadettes, and part of Juniors. I quit adruptly, the only time my parents ever let me, because of the formation of a very mean clique in my so-called troop. I was always on the outskirts with that group of girls, and I think I only continued so long because my grandma wanted me to, but it came to an ending the day we had a meeting and then everyone but me and one other girl were invited to stay for a birthday party/sleepover. For the most part I never spoke to any of those girls again. But I guess some things stick with you.

Dr. Mind made the very good point yesterday that I need to be prepared with food for the next month or so. I knew that but hadn't really acted on it. All I want to eat right now really is soup, and so I went and bought ingredients to make a lot of crockpot soups and meals, plus one simple cooking meal, and all the things can be frozen. I bought lots of containers to do that as well, along with stocking up on things I'm not going to feel like dealing with/do not feel like dealing with, like toiletries, cat foods, detergent, paper plates and cups, etc. I tend to eat vegetarian-ish things, so I feel like I just bought out the produce department. I bought enough broth to take a bath in (should one choose), and discovered that for some reason vegetable broth is hard to find. Also, some foods are assigned to the ethnic aisle that really could be elsewhere. Like dried black beans. Why not the dried bean aisle? And the store was out of parsnips, of all the odd things. Did parsnip suddenly get popular? I don't really like it, so I'm going to simply skip it, but still. Weird. Regardless, as long as the crockpot is going pretty constantly this weekend I should have quite a bit of food prepared.

Another thing accomplished is picking up some things I get in the city for my mom. Living rurally deprives you of access to certain brands etc.

I also am almost prepared for the hospital in terms of accumulating stuff. I've got clothing pretty much covered, I think. I got my wonderful new weighted "wrap" (which will double as a blanket) today. I see lots of use in it's future. Judging from how I feel now, I am going to want the thing most of the time in the hospital. But it is also wonderful in the car. I think it's going to do a bit of traveling for now. It may even go to see Dr. Mind. Anything that helps keep me calm that is not more ativan. My need for that is increasing, although sometimes I need it and miss it because it's inconvenient. I don't like carrying a narcotic in my pocket, so if I can't sneak to my purse I can't take it. I've got almost enough clothes, etc. Now I have 3 weeks to mentally prepare.

Today was a very, very rough day. I did 5 evals plus one check and discharge because the woman was in better shape than I am. Plus I did several treatments. 3 of the evals were very difficult. One woman had just fallen when I went to see her. Another was in severe pain. The third man has a whole bunch of issues that turned into a total inablity for the patient to stand no matter how much help we gave, and then to keep him from falling we had to do this crazy thing that involved my leg between the other therapist's legs, and then we wound up picking up totally up and laying him down. I hurt. Quite a bit.

Anyway, I need to take pills and sleep for a very long time. More tomorrow. Be watching for my new post, how you can help me.

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Anonymous said...

Reading about your soup preparation motivated me to get some made this weekend. My family thanks you.