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Saturday, October 10, 2009


As of today I'm done Christmas shopping except for ordering one thing closer to the holiday and picking up a few smaller things for my brother and sister-in-law. I always shop early because I know I can't handle crowds and because December is usually my busiest month. However I usually shop in an organized fashion with a list of how much I've spent on who to keep things even. This year I just got things I know people with like and they'll have to deal with unevenness if it exists.

About 50% of my gifts are off Etsy. It's nice to think "hmm, they like ______", enter that in, and have a unique gift. It wasn't exactly fast, I looked through 200 pages of things to find something for my brother-in-law, but I did succeed eventually.

I am so glad to have one stress done with. This way regardless of how I feel after I leave the hospital, and regardless of whether or not I feel like participating in Christmas, at least there'll be gifts from me.

I also was able to do this more easily thanks to a miracle. My insurance is paying for my counseling sessions. We don't really know why, they said I had this huge deductible when the insurance was verified, but they'll paid anyway, so I have a credit with Dr. Mind's office that will get me through a month of bi-weekly visits.

Now if my neighbors would just quit blaring music.....it's probably revenge for my yelling at their kids.

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Julia said...

You are my hero! You are a great planner. It's so great you are getting the To Do list done. You should feel very proud, even though it's tough. Awesome to have done your Christmas shopping.