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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Very brief

I stayed out of my room 4 hours today.  The let me have my headphones to block noise.   I need to go back there now though.
I made a collage and actually had a really good time.  Anything that is easy and lets me focus helps so much. 
I just changed my sheets and have clothes in the washer.  I may get out Tuesday, although I realized I'd rather wait for Wednesday.  That lets me see Dr. Mind the day after I get out and I am still wobbly enough to need that.
Regardless, I'm better today and I got my diet restrictions modified which makes me love my doctor.
Only thing is that there is nothing going on here on weekends.  One 30 min group I hated. 
The good thing is that the group I hate the most doesn't seem to happen on Friday.
i have many pages of notes to tell you all about this this.  I've filled half a notebook since we got them Wednesday.
Guess that shows how much I miss you all.
Just Me


Julia said...

Was so happy to get your email today and to know you felt well enough to post. Thinking about you throughout the day and hoping things are still on the up swing.

Michal Ann said...

Thanks again for writing. It definitely sounds like you're on the brink of great things. I'm so grateful for the significant milestones you're reporting. Looking forward to the insights you'll share all in good time...


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